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Icelandic Lava Trek

Event Date: 05 Jul 2015

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Why did I chose For Chai Cancer Challenge?

Recently I have seen the amazing and unique support this small, but utterly devoted charity can bring to cancer patients and their entire family – especially families and couples who’s relatives live in a different country miles away.

Since its inception in 1990, Chai Cancer Care has been a pioneer in the field of cancer support. Chai currently provides vital counselling, therapies and a myriad of specialised services to over 2,150 cancer patients and their families all around the UK and internationally.

As a tribute to my friends and their amazing courage, and to the phenomenal organisation that supports them, I have decided to join a group of Women to hike up snowfields in the wilderness of Iceland. We will be trekking across lava fields, glaciers and volcanic lakes and setting up camp each night. 

The conditions on the Iceland trek will be harsh and the facilities basic. The challenge will be both physical and emotional, but it is nothing compared to what those dealing with Cancer face on a daily basis.

Thank you for your support!

Sylvie Berrebi

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Sylvie Berrebi

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