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Snowdon Triple Challenge

Event Date: 26 May 2019

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I have not been on a bike in years, and never been on a kayak in my life. My joints are creaking and moaning as I get older, but when asked if I would like to cycle 10.5 miles, then hike 9 miles up and down Snowdonia, and finally finish it off with 2.5 miles on a kayak around Llyn Padom to raise funds for such a wonderful organisation as Chai  Cancer Care, I immediately said yes. Luckily I didn’t give myself the time to think what the triple challenge involved before saying yes!

All money raised will go towards supporting Chai’s School Programme, which was set up to give teachers the tools they need to support children going through a cancer diagnosis in their family.

Thank your very much for your support!

Best wishes 

Ken x

Kenneth Ornstein

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Kenneth Ornstein

Fundraising Progress

Fundraising Target: £1,000.00

Donations so far: £1,250.00

Gift Aid: £211.25

Fundraising Ends: 30 Jun 2019

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