The Jewish Community's Cancer Care Support Organisation
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Chai Cancer Care provides comprehensive, professional and expert services to any member of the Jewish Community affected by a cancer diagnosis – patients, their families and friends. Each week, hundreds of people walk into one of Chai’s 11 centres across the UK and benefit from the wide range of services on offer.

As Chai’s reputation has grown, so has the need for their services. Chai is actively supporting over 3400 clients across the country and the number grows monthly.

Team Chai will be taking on the Snowdon Triple Challenge on 26th-27th May 2019. We begin this one day challenge by cycling 10.5 miles along the shore of Llyn Padam (Llanberis Lake). Between Snowdon Massif & Mynydd Mawr (Big Mountain), is where the bikes are swapped for boots as we begin the 9 mile climb of Snowdon itself. After descending a long, gradual slope, we will need to dig deep for a 2.5 mile kayak across Llyn Padam.

Every penny raised from this challenge will go towards the Chai in Schools programme, where Chai’s expertise and care is brought into schools.

When a family experiences the impact of a cancer diagnosis, a child’s home life can be severely disrupted. When their lives seem out of sync, in this unpredictable situation, school is one routine that doesn’t change. The firm boundaries and familiarity of school can help children retain a sense of normality.

The ‘Chai in Schools’ programme was originally set up to give teachers the tools they need to support children going through a cancer diagnosis in their family. With the specialist knowledge Chai has and their understanding of the complex issues that children are experiencing they work closely with primary and secondary school teachers across the UK. Chai also offers teacher’s access to a counsellor as it’s often a difficult time for them too.

Over the past year, Chai in Schools has grown and now sends specialist therapists and counsellors into the school premises to work directly with the children affected.

Please support us in raising over £50,000 for the Chai in Schools programme by clicking on one of the fundraiser’s links on the right hand side of this page.