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Icelandic Lava Trek

Event Date: 05 Jul 2015

My personal message

An email from Chai, a charity close to my heart, dropped into my inbox some months ago, looking for volunteers to raise money and trek in Iceland.  Strangely it appealed because on paper it may appear that I am not suitable for such a challenge!   

  • The furthest I generally walk is to my car.
  • My last experience of camping was in the Australian bush and I hitched my way out of there after 2 days as I could not cope with the conditions!
  • I hate being cold and I shower twice a day.
  • I have never had to pitch a tent - I have always got someone to do it for me! 

Despite of all this, I persisted with the idea of the trek and have since embarked on a rigorous program of walking and exercise in the hope that I could build up those skinny legs of mine and complete this challenge.  I have walked in beautiful sunshine and pouring rain.  I have walked in London and the home counties for as many hours and kilometres as my legs will take me.  The trek may only last 3 days but the terrain will be very difficult. We will be walking through lava fields, glacier and volcanic lakes after which, we will have to set up camp each night.

So why am I doing this? I lost my mum to cancer over 4 years ago.  Chai provided much needed support and advice to my family in a very turbulent time of our lives. Since its inception in 1990, Chai Cancer Care has been a pioneer in the field of cancer support. Chai currently provides vital counselling, therapies and a myriad of specialised services to over 2,150 cancer patients and their families all around the UK and internationally through telephone and skype counselling.

My wonderful mummy was our rock and it was hard to imagine how my Dad would cope without her.  Chai supported my dad with one to one counselling for a year after her death.  I credit Chai with helping my Dad come to terms with losing mum, enabling him to rebuild his life and most importantly enjoy it once more.  I have now trained as a bereavement counsellor and I know what a shattering experience it can be when somebody close to you dies.   

I know we are all bombarded by letters asking for sponsorship and this is yet another one, but I would be grateful for any donation so that Chai can continue its wonderful work.

Naomi Gordon

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Naomi Gordon

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