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When the people we love are dealing with cancer, as much as we try to do our best for them, sometimes it just doesn't feel like it’s enough!

As a result of wanting to do that little bit more, we have decided to raise much needed funds for Chai Cancer Care - a unique organisation that goes the extra mile for our loved ones, so why shouldn’t we? 

Chai Cancer Care provides comprehensive, professional and expert services to any member of the Jewish community affected by cancer - patients, their families and friends. Every week hundreds of people walk into one of Chai’s 8 centres across the UK and benefit from the wide range of services on offer to cancer patients and their loved ones. Services are available to all members of the Jewish community regardless of age, type of cancer, stage of the disease or financial means.

The combination of earlier diagnosis and better treatments mean more people are living longer with cancer. As Chai’s national reputation has grown, so has the demand for their services. Chai is actively supporting over 1750 across the country and the number is growing by the month. In order to continue its growth and to meet the increasing demand for its services, Chai is completely dependent of the generosity of our community.

The 2013 Chai Kilimanjaro Trek will take us all out of our comfort zones. We are a group of relatively unfit North London Jewish women and we are going to face our own personal challenge and climb a mountain.
The conditions will be harsh and the facilities basic. It will be a physical and emotional challenge over seven days, taking us to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and back down again. 

So please support us in reaching our summit and raising much needed funds for Chai Cancer Care.

To see how they got on, read their blog