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Icelandic Lava Trek

Event Date: 05 Jul 2015

My personal message

This July I will be embarking on what, for me, will be a challenge of a lifetime.

Sadly, I have known and have had close family who have had to bravely fight cancer. In fact it is this month that I mourn the 5 th anniversary of my mothers death As a tribute to her and everyone else's amazing courage and to support the phenomenal organisation that supports them , I have decided to don my trekking boots and join a group of North West London Women to walk the Landmannalaugar route through one of the most actively volcanic areas in Iceland.  We will be trekking across lava fields, glaciers, passing volcanic lakes and setting up camp ourselves each night. Yes that's right! After tracking for 11 hours , we have to build our own tents !   

Surgery and cancer treatment can have a dramatic effect on a cancer patient’s image and self-esteem. Over the past year Chai has developed an Image Resource Service which provides a dedicated space where clients can address these sensitive image issues.  After treatment, clients can suffer dramatic hair loss including their eyebrows and eyelashes, severe weight gain or weight loss, skin problems and sensitivity to regular make-up. In an inviting, light-filled room clients can see wig and underwear specialists, have permanent make-up treatments, chemical free make-up workshop, nail care and ongoing nutritional guidance and advice. 

All the money raised by the Iceland walkers will go to supporting Chai’s Image Resource Service.  Chai receives no statutory funding and is reliant on donations to be able to provide all of its much needed services.

The conditions on the Iceland trek will be harsh and the facilities basic. I will certainly be taken outside my comfort zone and will be challenged physically and emotionally, but it is nothing compared to what those dealing with cancer face on a daily basis.

I know this email joins a long list of other constant requests for sponsorship and charitable donations, but if you are able to support me, and Chai, it would be appreciated. 


Many thanks and lots of love,

Sharon x


Sharon Goldstein

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Sharon Goldstein

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