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Icelandic Lava Trek

Event Date: 05 Jul 2015

My personal message

I am doing a trek this year to help raise money for Chai Cancer Care-

A wonderful organisation that supports patients, their families and friends to cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis.

Despite being a doctor myself, it took a shock illness for me to realise what it really felt like to be unwell. I was lucky enough to make a perfect recovery and had amazing support from my family and friends and work colleagues along the way.

So here I am walking miles in my spare time training for this challenging trek- which takes us on a volcano walk through inspiring terrain across snowfields, through ice cold rivers and up steep rocky climbs. More shocking is the prospect of pitching my own tent!!!! But I can't wait.


Please help me raise as much money as possible for this amazing cause.




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Fundraising Progress

Fundraising Target: £10,000.00

Donations so far: £11,840.00

Gift Aid: £1,980.00

Fundraising Ends: 11 Jul 2015

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