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Here are some questions that we frequently get asked. If you have a question that is not on the list below or you need more information, please call us on 0208 202 2211.

Q: How will I know a new donation has been made towards my event?

A: You can set up email alerts and we will automatically email you every time a donation is made towards your event or you.

Q: How do I search for my event on forChai?

A: There are two different ways you can search for an event on forChai. Either type the name of the event into the search box on the homepage and look through our events listings to find one you are interested in. Alternatively, you can search for the name of the fundraiser using the fundraiser search box on the homepage.  If you can’t find your chosen event or fundraiser on forChai it might be because they haven’t registered with us yet.

Q: How many events can I raise money for?

A: You can raise money for as many events as you would like to participate in!

Q: I’ve collected some money using a sponsorship form – can I add this to my fundraising total on forChai? Yes.

A: When you set up a fundraising page, you’ll see an ‘offline fundraising’ box next to your fundraising total. Simply type in the amount you’ve raised for your event that wasn’t donated through forChai and we’ll add it to your total. Please also contact the Chai office on 020 202 2211 to request a sponsorship form. All cheques should be made payable to 'Chai Cancer Care'

Q: Can I donate anonymously?

A: Absolutely. If you’re sponsoring a friend we’ll ask whether you would like to leave your name and a personal message on their fundraising page. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, simply tick the box to say so.

However, your details will still need to be passed on to the charity so we can accept your donation and Gift Aid. We can only use your details if you agree to it, so you won’t hear from us again if you don’t want to!

Q: How is forChai different from other fundraising websites?

A: The biggest difference with forChai is that we’re not-for-profit. This means we have no charges and all the money from your donation comes directly to us.


Q: How do I set up a fundraising page to raise money for an event?

A: Simply go to the link for the event you want to fundraise for (which will look like this and click on 'start fundraising'.

Follow the instructions and choose the event you are doing from the drop down list or 'fundraising' if the event you are doing isn't there.

Then choose a link for your page (e.g. and add in some text. Click on 'save page' and you're ready to start fundraising.

If you don't know the link for the charity you want to fundraise for try searching here

Q: How do I delete an event that I am no longer doing?

A: So long as no-one has made donations you can login and delete the page - just click on the cross icon.

If anyone has made donations please contact us and we will transfer the donations for you before deleting the page.

Q: Can my donors get a refund if I’ve pulled out of my event?

A: We suggest that you email your donors to inform them that you are no longer participating in the event. You can find out from them who would like a refund. Please inform Chai and we can action this for you.

Q: Can I upload a photo to my page?

A: Of course. By uploading a photo/ image you can make your fundraising/ event page really personal. Your photo will replace the one that appears by default, which is provided by the charity. For best results images should be no more than 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels and a maximum of 2megabytes. If you are having problems uploading an image please contact us.

Q: We want to fundraise as a team, what should we do?

A: You can set up a group page. One person sets up the group page and then everyone else uses the same information/ link to send to their friends and family. You set up the page in the same way as you would for an individual page.

This is a great way for teams, families and companies to join up their fundraising and see how each other is doing.

Q: How do I set up a new page for a different fundraising activity?

A: Log in to your account and choose an event from the drop down list then click on 'add new event'


Q: How do I tell my friends about my page to raise money for Chai?

A: When you set up your page you give it a unique web link. You will receive an email from us reminding you of this link. Then you can start to email this link to friends, family and colleagues to ask them to come and sponsor you or post/ share it to your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace page. On your event page you will find all the icons which allow you to do this automatically.  

Q: People say my page link doesn't work.

A: Just ask people to copy or type your link into the address bar of their Internet browser. 

Q: How long will my fundraising page be on forChai?

A: You’ll have forChai account for as long as you like, until you cancel it. Your fundraising pages (one for each event you take part in) will appear on our website for as long as you want them to.

Whenever you start a new event we’ll ask you to pick an end date for the page. You can change this date any time you like, and even when the page has closed you’ll still be able to see it in your event history.

We recommend you leave your fundraising page open for a while after your event has finished. People may want to sponsor you afterwards when see they see how much effort you’ve put in!


Q: What happens now that my event is over?

A: Congratulations on completing your event! The money you have raised is automatically transferred to Chai on a regular basis so there is no need to do anything else. Chai will send you a formal acknowledgment from our fundraising team.

Q: When does Chai get my money?

A: As this site is owned and run by Chai the funds will be with the charity immediately with no handling fees taken.


Q: What is the Gift Aid scheme?

A: Charities can reclaim 25p for every £1 you donate from the taxman, at no extra cost to you, through the Gift Aid scheme, provided you are a UK taxpayer and pay more income and/or capital gains tax than the charity will reclaim in each tax year.

Q: Am I eligible to give Gift Aid consent?

A: You must be a UK taxpayer and have paid as much income and or capital gains tax (or more) as the 25% of your donation that we are getting back.

You cannot give Gift Aid consent if you are a participant in a sponsored event for which the charity has borne some or all of the cost, or if you are connected to the participant. (A "connected person" is a wife or husband, a relative - brother, sister, ancestor - e.g. mother - or lineal descendant - e.g. grandson-, the wife or husband of a relative or a company under the control of the participant or connected person).

Q: I forgot to tick Gift Aid, what can I do?

A: Just reply to your thank you email or send an email to and let us know you'd like to do this and we'll add the consent to your donation.

Q: Do the fundraising totals shown on forChai include Gift Aid?

A: No. The fundraising totals you see online do not include Gift Aid. We’ll let you know how much extra has been raised as Gift Aid underneath.

Q: Do you accept foreign currency?

A: Donors can make donations from anywhere in the world. The donation is made in GB Pounds Sterling and each donor will be debited in their domestic currency.

Q: My donation was rejected - but I think my card is fine.

A: We apply very high security verification procedures to protect our charity partners from attempted internet fraud. As a result, very occasionally a legitimate card transaction is rejected because our fraud checking services identify it as possibly fraudulent.

If your donation is rejected please accept our apologies for any inconvenience and try again later. If it is rejected again, this may indicate that your card issuer does not provide sufficient information for us to verify the transaction, so please try another card from a different card issuer, or call us on 020 8202 2211 or email


Q: How private and secure is this site?

A: High standards of security and privacy are at the core of everything we do.

We don't store your credit card details anywhere in the system for added security.

We do not share your personal information with any external organisation. It is stored in a secure database internally at Chai.