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London Marathon 2020

Event Date: 04 Oct 2020

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Hi! I’m Emma, and this is my story as to why I’ve decided to run the London Marathon in April 2020 for Chai Cancer Care.

In June 2018, at 58 years old, my Dad was diagnosed with small cell cancer in his prostate. This is a very rare form of cancer with very little research on which was an awful situation to be in. We were able to get a treatment plan in place and my dad started a tough course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for 6 months with such bravery and positivity, always with a smile on his face and always with a great sense of humour. He was still the most reliable person in my life, despite what he was going through.

He was still enjoying his life - going to work, going on holidays and socialising with friends and family. You would never have known anything was wrong despite how scared he must have been feeling. He would never show it especially to myself and my younger brother.

As a family we found out that the treatment had been successful and, by Christmas of 2018, it appeared his cancer cells had completely disappeared. It was such a relief. The doctors always told us this type of cancer would return one day, but we always assumed we had years still together.

In February 2019, Dad started to complain of a bad back which we were told was just a vitamin D deficiency. This turned out to not be the case and in fact the cancer had returned much quicker than any of us could have imagined, making its way into organs and bones. This time Dad was not so positive and the cancer completely took its toll on him. He was no longer able to climb upstairs, shower by himself, drive, or walk without assistance. He lost all motivation to fight and he had no quality of life. He went into hospital on his 59th birthday, having caught sepsis in May 2019. He managed to recover from the sepsis, but he wasn’t able to come home. He went straight to a hospice where he died in July 2019.

During the time that my family were going through the trauma that comes with cancer, a small cancer care charity called Chai gave my family an incredible amount of support and comfort.

Chai offer counselling, reflexology, massages and healing treatments to those affected by cancer. They have really supported and helped my family during, and post, my dad’s illness. I am running the London Marathon in 2020 to raise money for Chai, so other people can experience these opportunities to help them cope and get through some of the worst days cancer can bring.
Emma Colton

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Emma Colton

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