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Snowdon Triple Challenge

Event Date: 26 May 2019

My personal message

Soon I will be completing the Snowdon Triple Challenge in memory of my mum.
It is a 10 mile cycle, 9 mile hike up Snowdon and 2.5 mile kayak in one day! Having been fairly inactive the last few years I knew to get fit for this would be a challenge! Physically speaking I’m on my way to that, but now what I need is help to raise some much needed money for 2 charities close to my heart.

Sadly many of us will experience, personally or within our families, cancer and/or dementia. Both diseases bring many challenges physically and emotionally to the patients and families. As such Chai Cancer Care and DementiaUK are my chosen charities. All monies raised will be split evenly between them.

I know through the experience of a close friend the wealth of support and care her mum and the family received from Chai Cancer Care. From therapies and complementary therapies to group activities and counselling to advisory services, Chai were able to support the family through a very challenging time. Expanding their services and reach will enable more families to access their services and feel supported.

Some of you may know that sadly my mum suffered with Dementia and passed away last year. Unfortunately we didn’t know early on of the wonderful specialist dementia support provided by Dementia UK. Only very latterly did I hear of their Admiral Nurse service but by that point Mum was in the final stage with not much time. The nurses work alongside families, giving them the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions to every day issues faced. Their unique expertise and experience is a lifeline that many people do not know exists. Had we been fortunate enough to have known about them many of our earlier questions, concerns and fears would have been answered and allayed more quickly than they were.
As awareness of their services increases, so too will the demand for Admiral Nurses around the country. Specialist training and recruitment will be needed to support the growing team and this is why funding is so desperately needed.

What is provided by both Chai and DementiaUK can only be sustained and grown through donations. I do appreciate we are all asked to support worthy causes regularly but no donation is too small and of course no donation is too large!! So please please give what you can.

Whatever happens I am committed to completing my challenge. Knowing I am doing it in memory of mum and having your support too will definitely keep me going.

Thank you so much xx
Eliana Blankstone

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Eliana Blankstone

Fundraising Progress

Fundraising Target: £2,000.00

Donations so far: £2,020.00

Gift Aid: £465.00

Fundraising Ends: 16 Jun 2019

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