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Kilimanjaro Summit Climb

Event Date: 16 Jun 2013

My personal message

As some of you may know over 22 women driven by either madness or an unstoppable need to leave their home nest will be climbing Kilimanjaro this coming June. Don't ask me how but I am doing it too. According to the explorer Jim Thompson (1960) the mountain was called Kilimanjaro by Swahilis along the coast because "Kilima" means "mountain" and "Jaro" means both "white or shining" and "great". So there you are, I will try to surmount mountains of physical pain and challenges to do something great by raising for the fantastic shining charity that Chai Cancer Care is. Help me make it worthwhile for Chai.. and for me!

Dalia Kay

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Dalia Kay

Fundraising Progress

Fundraising Target: £16,000.00

Donations so far: £18,750.00

Gift Aid: £2,223.50

Fundraising Ends: 30 Jun 2013

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