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Icelandic Lava Trek

Event Date: 05 Jul 2015

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Thank you for visiting my page, your support will be so greatly appreciated. 

I was inspired to do this Iceland Trek on behalf of Chai after having seen the incredible support they are giving to my close friend Justine, who tragically lost her husband Daniel last year.  Chai provided him with regular support and therapy, which they now continue to give to her and their 4 children.  They have been invaluable to her through this incredibly difficult time and this is only made possible through generous donations which make all the difference for the lives of those who are so tragically affected by cancer.

Iceland is home to some of Europe's greatest wilderness with active volcanoes, sheer cliffs, glaciers, thundering waterfalls, steaming lava fields, plunging fjords, boiling mud pools and spouting geysers. I am very excited to see all of this in real life but although I've been pounding the streets of London in preparation for this challenging trek, I’m not really sure I will be fully prepared until my hiking boot clad feet land in this fascinating country.

The days are long, the terrain is difficult and we will be walking over 50km in 3 days after which we will set up our own camps and sleep in tents. The temperature at night will be cold and it we will be sleeping under the midnight sun, so eye masks are going to be an essential part of our kit!

However…….. there is a very good reason for me doing this trek and that is to raise as much money as I can for Chai Cancer Care.  Chai is a wonderful charity that supports people with cancer, as well as their families, with a range of therapies and counselling.  Having witnessed the amazing and ongoing support that Chai provides throughout the country makes it all the more worthwhile.



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