The Jewish Community's Cancer Care Support Organisation
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About Us

Chai Cancer Care provides rehabilitative, therapeutic, psychological and practical support services to any member of our Jewish community affected by cancer, whether they be patients, their families or friends.

Chai's services are available from 8 sites across the UK. Clients who are unable or too unwell to get to a Chai site can receive one to one services in their own homes, providing they live within geographical reach of a site.

Chai provides face to face and telephone counselling, therapies, complementary and child therapies, advice, advocacy, support groups and therapeutic activities. We also hold expert lectures presented by eminent cancer specialists to lay and professional audiences.  

Our services are demand-led and constantly evolving to respond to the rapidly changing needs of cancer patients and their families. Chai partners with many voluntary organisations, as well as the NHS, Social Services, schools and community groups to ensure our clients receive the best services available.

Everyone who turns to Chai receives individual expert care and attention from our fully experienced and accredited staff. We do not charge our clients for services, and complete confidentiality is always ensured and of paramount importance.

Chai does not receive any statutory funding and we are entirely reliant on donations to enable us to continue to provide our specialised services to our community nationwide.